I had lunch at MoBowl today, along with my friend Trisha. We drove up to the Lockheed-Martin parking lot just north of Montague Expressway on Zanker. We were surprised that we had to go past the guardshack to get in, but they only asked us for ID and then waved our hungry little faces on in. What were they looking for? I never ask…

Nice folks at MoBowlMoBowl is a well-used truck that is inhabited by some very nice people who are enthusiastic about their food and eager to make it. They sell basic rice bowls: rice in the bottom, meat and veggies on top. All items are cooked to order, so it takes a few minutes to get your food. I was a bit concerned about that, because it was rainy today; fortunately, it cleared up while we were there and it was  (albeit only briefly) bright and sunny.

Mobowl menuThe menu is small and well-focused: several bowls, a couple of “appetizers,” and their cheesecake eggrolls for dessert. I had the Umami Tofu bowl, and Trisha had the 5-spice pulled pork bowl. We got there a few minutes before noon, so we were at the front of the line, which formed quickly behind us. It took about 5 minutes to get our food, which we whisked off for a quick “tailgate party” while the sun was briefly out. By the time we had our food, the Lockheed crew was out and the truck was running full-tilt.

The Umami Tofu was, true to the description, Umami (the mysterious Japanese “fifth flavor”). The tofu was grilled with sliced shiitake mushrooms in a delicious tomato-soy sauce. On one side was a little bit of salad with a spicy vinaigrette dressing. I got mine with the brown rice for a dollar more, and the rice was perfect: granular and chewy. Trisha reported that the pork was equally delicious, with curry-like flavor. She got regular white rice, which was served steamed to perfection. Hers also had the little bit of salad on the side, which she appreciated.Our lunches - tofu left, pork right

The pork bowl was very abundant; Trisha couldn’t even finish it all. The tofu bowl, on the other hand, actually left me a bit hungry, which was slightly disappointing for $8.

Still, a good time and a delicious lunch was had by all. I’ll certainly go back; I’ll just make sure to have the seasoned fries with my bowl next time!

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