Over the weekend I had the opportunity to catch the MoGo truck in the parking lot at Central Computer on Stevens Creek.  It was a cold day, and some spicy food seemed perfect.MoGo BBQ truck

First off, I love the truck. It’s obviously “well-used” and covered with stickers for all kinds of things.  It definitely gives you something to do while you’re waiting for your food.

I told them I hadn’t been there before, and they gave me a business card with their twitter and web addresses – nice touch!

MoGo MenuThe menu is focused but impressive – tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sliders, and the Bay Area Dog. A few choices for each. It says, “ask about our desserts” which I neglected to do. Turned out to be a good thing – gives me something to do next time.

I ordered a Tofu Taco and a Kimchee Quesadilla. The Taco is very small, but only $2, and served in a little paper dish. It comes with some hot sauce, and was, well, serviceable. It’s not something that will keep me coming back, but, honestly, I don’t expect much from veggie tacos. I appreciate that folks try – I really do – and even after (mumblety-mumble) years of being a veggie, I find it difficult to get really good flavors out of tofu.

MoGo Kimchee QuesadillaThe Kimchee Quesadilla, on the other hand, was… dare I say, inspired? Heavenly? As close to bliss as I think I’m comfortable getting in public? Yes, indeed – just a quesadilla, perfectly grilled, with delicious kimchee inside (yes, I’m a fan of kimchee, to the eternal regret of my wife) and covered with a delicious hot sauce.

I gobbled it up greedily and licked my fingers. A bit greasy, to be sure, but, hey, my “girlish figure” can take it. No, it can’t, but I’m going back for another one when I get a chance.MoGo Truck I’ll run an extra mile. Or twenty. I’m gonna need it.

The MoGo guys also have a nice selection of bottled soda pop and other goodies to drink, as well as the necessary condiments (Mexican hot sauce, Sriracha, etc.)

Just the thing to warm up a cold afternoon, but I think it will be just as good on a hot summer’s day. I’ll be back…


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