Dia de Pesca

Dia De PescaI don’t know if Dia de Pesca really belongs here. I might argue that it’s not really a food truck at all – it is a fine dining restaurant that happens to cook their food in a trailer. It has a permanent location, on Bascom just north of Stevens Creek, a small but charming dining room, and a large and welcoming “patio” area. You don’t even go to the “truck” to order anymore, that’s handled inside, and, on a rainy night, you can wait inside for your food. On a warm night, you can sit outside while one of the unfailingly friendly folks bring your order to you – always cooked perfectly, warm and tasty.

It strikes me as unfair to include Dia de Pesca in this blog because, honestly, it is heads and shoulders above a “food truck.” I dine here as frequently as I can afford, and bring friends, family, and business associates there, proudly – I consider it not only the best food truck, but the best Mexican food in San Jose. While I may rave about a dish at another food truck, I have loved everything I have had here, without exception. I don’t know if it’s really right to compare it with the other food trucks out there, but, well, it’s my blog, so here we are.

Dia de Pesca specializes in “Mexican Si Food.” When you meet the owner the first time, you understand that his unusual aesthetic and sense of humor is indelibly stamped on everything about this place, to its benefit. It is a welcoming place, but the real reason to come here is the food. In a city with a sad paucity of good Mexican food, Dia de Pesca stands out as the “real deal”  – fine seafood, served in the best Mexican style. Their fish tacos aren’t the ones you get in Ensenada; they are the tacos you WISH you got in Ensenada. They have a good variety of fish, from snapper and tuna to scallops and octopus, cooked perfectly to order. Whether you’re having tacos or a burrito to take away or one of their more restaurant-style dinners with soup, salad, and entree, it’s all mouth-watering. Two tacos make a good meal for me; as you can see, they are carefully packed for travel with a few chips, some salsa, and a wedge of lemon. The tacos themselves are exactly what you’d hope for: perfectly cooked fish in a double-layer soft corn tortilla, with cabbage, sauteed onions, and two sauces. Be warned: they are overstuffed; even with two tortillas, you can easily spill these on your shirt

Dia de Pesca specialEvery day they have a special (sometimes two), which is written on the board just inside the door. They are always interesting, the price makes it always tempting, so I tend to get whatever is on special. On one night, the special was two crisp seabass tacos with salad and rice. As shown here, it made quite a meal – the two tacos, rice, and salad (with the dressing on the side, of course, so the lettuce wouldn’t wilt on the way home). Just looking at it here, I’m ready to head over there for lunch.

If I had to state one disappointment, I kinda miss standing out under the canopy next to the trailer to order. There was a kind of camaraderie with the other hardy souls on a cold night or a hot noontime, standing out there fairly salivating in anticipation of what’s to come. On the other hand, there were a few nights too rainy or days too hot when I decided not to go. Now that you order inside, there can be absolutely no reason not to go to Dia de Pesca. What are you waiting for???

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