Louisiana Territory

Louisiana Territory TruckHad lunch today at the Louisiana Territory truck – @LATCajunCookin, parked down at the Institute of Contemporary Art on south First street in San Jose.

First off, this is a nice-looking truck, in my opinion. Not brand-new, but with nice stickers, a skirt around the wheels. They play music, hang Carnival beads from the rear-view mirror, and dress it up to be even more inviting.Louisiana Territory menu

Unfortunately, I was alone today, so I could only order one thing from their wonderful menu. In retrospect, I could have ordered some bread pudding to bring home, and I kind of wish I did.

But I ordered a fried catfish Po’ Boy. I waited for a little while in the warm sunshine, enjoying the music. After a few minutes, I got my sandwich. Since I only had one quarter for the parking meter, I had to run off.

The sandwich was, simply, wonderful. Warm, spicy, fried catfish (small pieces, but that’s OK because it allows it to carry the maximum possible amount of spice) in a salad of lettuce and tomatoes “dressed” with remoulade in a warm, soft bun. This turns out to be an interesting distinction – some folks just put some remoulade on top of the sandwich, but the Louisiana Territory folks mix it right in, so every bite is a great mixture of bread, fish, spices, lettuce, tomato, and remoulade. Every ingredient is magnificent, but, together, they form a symphony of tastes.Catfish Po' Boy from Louisiana Territory

I’ll be back – hey, isn’t there somebody there who wants to come along and split a bread pudding???

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