The first SJEats festival occurred last Saturday less than a mile from my home. Unfortunately, because we were entertaining a guest from out of town (and were just plain busy), none of us got to go. It sounds from the reports that it was a big success, but probably just as well that we didn’t go. As Sal Pizarro said, maybe it was too successful.

I won’t hash through the arguments here; I think they’re pretty well laid out in the Yelp posts for the event. Suffice it to say that it attracted a LOT more people than expected, with the attendant delight and problems one could expect. Whether you see this event as an overwhelming (really!) success or an “Epic Fail” of planning, there is no denying the fact that it has shown that there is more demand for quality street food than is currently being supplied!

I certainly hope this is the start of a much more vibrant street-food scene here in the Silicon Valley, and I’m really looking forward to the next South Bay food truck meet-up. The SJEats page talks about working with City Council to set up regular food-truck times and locations – I think that would be a huge step forward. Maybe the city could throw in a porta-potty or two. There is a good discussion going on the SJEats Facebook page.

Finally, I want to give props to the trucks that showed up, but a special shout-out to Ryan Sebastian of Treatbot. For all the grousing about it, this was a GOOD THING for which you have no reason to apologize. THANK YOU (and all the other trucks) for making this event successful, and keep up the good work (and good food)!

The best is yet to come!

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