MoGo BBQ reprise

The other day I was able to talk my friend and food-truck buddy Trisha into going over to MoGo. When I went before, I went alone, so I wasn’t able to comment on the meat dishes that are the “main show” here.

I was hungry, so we actually arrived (in the TechCU parking lot at 1st and Brokaw) before they got set up. We parked right across from the truck, so we were able to have a “tailgate party” and watch the MoGo crew work while people sere getting their food.

Trish ordered the Bay Area Dog and a Short Rib Taco, while I had the same thing I had before: the Kimchi Quesadilla and a Tofu Taco. I must confess that I liked the taco a lot better this time: I covered it with both the green salsa and some of the orange sauce, and that made it quite tasty. I wasn’t sure I’d have another, but I’ll get one any time now. Of course, the Kimchi Quesadilla remains one of the best things you can do with your mouth.

MoGo Short Rib TacoThe Short Rib Taco was visually indistinguishable from the Tofu Taco – we had to dig around  a bit to figure out which was which, but Trisha said it was absolutely delicious. The meat is flavorful and tender, and she didn’t reach for the salsa (which was OK, since I put a lot on the Tofu Taco).

Bay Area DogHowever, Trish thought the Bay Area Dog was “just OK.” The sausage itself is good and of high quality, but her first impression was that it was bland. It turned out the kimchi was all at one end of the dog, and she started at the wrong end. By the time she got to the kimchi, her opinion of the dog had changed and she thought it was actually pretty tasty, even though it had started out disappointing.

We washed our meals down with a “real” Mexican Coca-cola (made with sugar instead of HFCS). Do they really taste better, or were we just seduced by the pleasure of sitting out on a nice day eating really good food?

Does it matter? Just gotta get back to MoGo ASAP!

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