SJEats, take 2

SJEats, May 7 2011Went over to SJEats this afternoon to see how it was shaping up. I got there late, especially after having someone back out of a driveway into the path of my bike (how do you not notice a 200-lb man on an ugly bike steaming up the street at 15+ mph??? Yet another reminder that it’s still not a bike-friendly world out there), causing me to fall and skin my knee. I still made it there by 2:30, but, unfortunately, folks were pretty much closing down by then. I took some shots on the old iPhone and vowed to return for dinner.

SJEats, May 7 2011Who was there? Iz it (a new one to me – love Hawaiian BBQ), Seoul on Wheels (Korean BBQ, another one new to me), No Way Jose (Mexican), Louisiana Territory (Cajun), Treatbot (Ice cream), TacGo’s (Mexican – another new one for me), Babaloo (Cuban – I had never seen them before), MoGo (Yummy bowls), Hapa SF (Filipino), and Cabana Dave’s (Gulf Coast and Caribbean, all the way from Livermore).

SJEats - the big tableGreat turnout – really loved seeing all the trucks and all the patrons there. Looking forward to dinner! There’s a great line-up; not sure what I’ll eat! This is an unusual opportunity to try some of the SF trucks that seldom come down to the south bay, but there are plenty of regulars who are more than deserving. Line length may end up being the deciding factor.

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