SJEats, wrapup

Finally getting time to wrap this up. We went back to SJEats in the evening and had an absolutely great time.

LittleGreenCycloAfter checking out all the offerings, we decided to have dinner with a truck we’re unlikely to see again very soon in the South Bay: LittleGreenCyclo from San Francisco. We had a couple of tofu banh mi and their sweet potato fries – delicious!

I thought the event itself was a big success. The selection fo trucks was great, and there were good crowds to keep all the trucks busy, but only a few minutes to wait for anything.

I was really impressed by the organization, from the lines taped on to the ground to indicate the lines to the presence of plenty of chairs, porta-potties, and trash bags.

Congratulations to the organizers and the trucks that participated, and congratulations for all of us who live in the South Bay and love food trucks!

Finally, thank you to all those who made this event a success!

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