Moveable Feast San Jose – June 25, 2011

I went once again to Moveable Feast this Saturday, in the parking next to the Fallon House in downtown San Jose.Moveable Feast SJ This now-weekly event is close to my home, so I hope to go nearly every week. Besides the food trucks, there’s always some good live music and a nice area to sit in the garden behind Fallon House .Moveable Feast SJ

One of the best thing about this gathering is that it attracts trucks from all over the Bay Area, so there is always a nice variety of trucks. Even for me as a mostly-veg-boy there is a wonderful choice of food to choose from.

Today I actually had food from three different trucks as part of my dinner. IzItThe first course was a Tofu taco from IzIt Fresh Grill. I love Hawaiian drive-in food, so I have been intrigued by IzIt. Given my normal trepidation about tofu, I have been particularly interested in trying their tofu taco. Advertised as specially marinated tofu, coated in panko crumbs and deep fried, it certainly sounded more interesting than most.

So I ordered the Tofu taco and waited, nearly patiently, while they made it. Finally, after a brief lifetime, my name was called (did I mention I was hungry?) and I picked up my taco. It was lovely: a small tortilla with a leaf of Romaine on top it it, nestling a beautifully fried piece of tofu with a pico de gallo on top of it. I thought I’d take a bite and then take a picture of it, so I picked up the taco and had a generous portion. I was immediately taken aback, shocked and befuddled: it was, well, it must be said, delicious. Delicious fried tofu. An oxymoron, it would seem, but here I stood, considering the sweet and salty interior of the tofu, the crispy exterior, and the wonderful confluence of flavors from the rest of the taco. I got mine “with a kick,” which was provided by chopped Jalapeno peppers on top the tofu, providing a magnificent piquant flavor. I had one more little bite, lost in the experience of it.

And it was gone. Just like that. Picture forgotten, as I licked my fingers. All I can tell you is that it was beautiful and delicious. Next time I’ll get a picture, I promise.

Cabana Dave'sIt was not, however, a meal, so I looked around the trucks. The one that intrigued me the most was Cabana Dave’s, which boasted a Jerk Mushroom Wrap. I’ll try just about anything in a Jamaican Jerk sauce, and this promised mushrooms, plantains, and other goodies in a wrap. So I ordered it.

I should mention at this point that Cabana Dave’s is a very nice-looking truck, appointed expertly with the necessary accoutrements and condiments, including a vat of sweet, hot jerk barbeque sauce. I took a small plastic container full of jerk sauce along with my wrap when my name was called.

Cabana Dave's Jerk Mushroom WrapWow – what a wrap! I have certainly never considered the possibility of wrapping mushrooms, fried plantains, goat cheese, and lettuce into a tortilla with jerk sauce. This I can only ascribe to a shortcoming in my own imagination, because here it was, and it was magnificent. Hot from the jerk sauce, sweet from the plantain, and earthy from the Portabello mushrooms and lettuce. I picked it up for a second bite, and… jerk sauce squirted out the back of the wrap onto my legs!

I didn’t care – I had picked up the extra jerk sauce, and I used it liberally. Each bite was hot and sweet, extremely delicious, and deeply satisfying. In a few moments it was gone.

But I wasn’t done. I had been looking at the other trucks; the line for Treatbot was too long, and I had spotted something intriguing earlier. At the WhiskSF truck they had a Strawberry Panna Cotta for $2. WhiskSF Panna CottaTiny and perfect, it was a lovely little cup of creamy delectability topped with beautiful, sweet strawberries. A wonderful treat at the end of a delightful meal.

Who knows what next week will bring?

Let’s find out!

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