Tikka Bytes

TIkka BytesThis review is a bit late, because I have actually visited Tikka Bytes twice now. The first time was a pretty Friday afternoon in the Bank of America parking lot on North First Street, the second time at SubZERO.

You might reasonably expect that I had to visit Tikka Bytes because I was a bit uncertain and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth – I fell in love with this truck at first sight, then again at first bite (byte), and then all over again theTikka Bytes second time I ate there. Indeed, even though MoGo and MoBowl were there, I walked past them both to go to Tikka Bytes at SubZero. You see, this was a Saturday night date with Lovely & Talented (and a friend of hers), so I wanted to impress them.

So, the first time I went to Tikka Bytes, I brought along my long-suffering friend Trisha. The menu is pretty simple: on the basic menu you can get a Naanwich, a burrito, a bowl, or a “Fire burrito.” You choose a protein from Paneer (cheese), Tofu, chicken, or lamb (or just vegetables), and then add a sauce (Tikka Masala, the mildest, Shahi Korma, or Andhra Shahi Korma, the hottest). I got a Paneer Naanwich with the Shahi Korma sauce, while she got a chicken burrito with the Andhra Shahi Korma sauce.

Our food took a few minutes, but came out fresh and hot, wrapped in paper and foil. We repaired to the tailgate to examine our “haul.”


I thought this attractive woman was offering me a bite, but all I got was a picture

Tikka Bytes NaanwichThe Naanwich is a taco with Naan playing the part of a tortilla and some of the most delicious Indian food you have ever eaten playing the filling. It is When you unwrap it, you are confronted with the warm, soft naan… you bite into it and you immediately taste the fillings and the perfectly-spicy sauce.


This lovely lady wouldn't even let me shoot the picture...

As tasty as it was, my Naanwich was gone in about three seconds. I found it a little small for me, but the Lovely and Talented and her friend both had them for dinner at SubZero and found they left “just enough” room for a cupcake after.

Back to the first trip, Trisha’s chicken burrito arrived in a very nice spinach tortilla, a nice touch, I thought. The chicken was moist and flavorful – Trisha could tell it had been carefully marinated. The Andhra Shahi Korma sauce was hot – right on the edge of being almost too hot for me. She enjoyed it, although she did sweat a little bit.Tikka Bytes Burrito

On the second trip, I had the burrito with Paneer and Andhra Shahi Korma sauce. I like things spicy, but only up to a degree – I can eat a few pickled jalapenos, for instance, but only a slice or two of fresh. The Andhra Shahi Korma sauce was just hot enough to give me hiccups, the first sign of something that’s just a little too hot for me.

But, mmmmmmm… was it tasty? You bet it was. I’ll be back.


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