Treatbot, mobbed as usualI feel I have been remiss in not featuring a post on Treatbot – A Karaoke Ice Cream Truck From the Future.

When we were at the second SJEats festival, the Lovely & Talented and I had ice cream at Treatbot, and it was wonderful. I love ice cream, I love cookies, I love ice cream sandwiches, and I love Treatbot. Period, end of review.

Treatbot is about fun and good, sweet stuff. When we were there, a knot of girls were trying to get a better score on the karaoke machine while a line of people waited patiently, trying not to salivate on themselves as folks walked by with their ice cream.

They are out just about every day and most nights, somewhere in Silicon Valley, bringing joy everywhere they go. They are at the top of SVFoodTruck’s twitter list.

Even more, though, Treatbot’s owner, Ryan Sebastian, has been instrumental in organizing the SJEats events, including the SubZERO event. Ryan and Treatbot are truly leaders in the South Bay food truck scene, and I hope you get a chance to have a Treatbot treat soon. And often.

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