Third blog and Oaxacan Kitchen reprise

First, thanks to Matt for pointing out another excellent South Bay food truck blog – the Food Truck category on the San Jose Metblogs. Good articles, good picture of Bill Moore (foodtrucknerd) with a bunch of food in his hands.

As is my habit, I went to the Santa Clara Farmer’s Market today. There are several food stands there, including OaxacanKitchenMobile and 4 Season Rolls, which I have mentioned previously. I get the spring rolls at 4 Season Rolls just about every Saturday – the folks in the tent know me and my order on sight now. What kind of a moron gets spring rolls with shrimp but no pork? I do…

I had gotten up extra-early this morning, so I was extra-hungry – a perfect excuse to “double up.” So I went first to Oaxacan Kitchen to see what they had.

Now, I should say that I have been a bit on the fence about Oaxacan Kitchen – I have liked almost everything I have gotten there, but the Tlayuda I ordered was way too chewy and the last thing I got (I don’t remember what it was) just didn’t taste good. So I have been looking for a good excuse to go there.

Oaxacan Kitchen empanadaI ordered an Empanada, and I was so glad I did. When I think of an empanada, I think of the South American specialty with some wonderful goodies tucked into a pie-like crust and deep fried. Wonderful, but the Oaxacan version is just as good. Mine (a veggie) came in a large, flavorful corn tortilla with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, cheese, and a spicy sauce inside, and a different dipping sauce in the bowl. I stood there on the sidewalk and ate the entire thing – surrounded by people, I did not care if they saw me slurping the mushrooms out of the tortilla and licking the sauce out of the bowl.

Of course, I got the pork-less spring rolls from 4 Seasons Rolls, as well – but that’s another meal!

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