…and mo’ MoGo

Last week, my long-suffering friend Trisha agreed to come along for an “adventure.” She was soon glad she did, however, as I took her to MoGo BBQ, parked in the TechCU lot just north of the airport in San Jose.

I have had the Kim Chee quesadilla so many times now… I have even gotten some MSG-free kim chee and made my own weak version of it at home a few times. But I would have had to make my own this day, because… they were out of kim chee!

Wait – let that sink in – a Korean BBQ truck out of kim chee. Upon hearing the news, I expected to see pigs flapping across the sky, the devil skiing, and Kieth Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh engaged in heavy petting in a nearby hybrid Camaro.

MoGo SlidersBut life went on… I got a Tofu burrito and Trish got the Short Rib Sliders.

The sliders, shown on the left here, were almost invisible under lettuce, cabbage, cheese, and sauce. It actually took poor Trish a minute to get the first sandwich out of the tray, but she got very quiet after the first bite – always a good sign.

They were a terrific mess, but we were sitting out on the tailgate of the old pickup truck, so it worked out pretty well. She said they were extremely tasty, with perfect, soft bread and delicious firm rib meat inside.

MoGo Tofu BurritoI got a Tofu Burrito, which was not altogether different from the sliders. As you can see on the right, it has nice chunks of well-seasoned tofu mixed with lettuce and cabbage, cheese, and sauce. There is also some nicely seasoned rice inside the toasty, tasty tortilla. A squirt of Sriracha sauce made it even better, although I enjoyed most of the burrito just as it was.

The burrito made a nice meal for me, and Trisha was quite satisfied with the sliders – MoGo comes through again!

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