OK, maybe I’m giving my age away here a little bit. Yeah, I’m old.

Babaloo TruckBut I don’t feel old today. I’m young, invigorated, ready to cha-cha. All this after a visit to the Babaloo Truck.

My poor, long-suffering friend Trisha agreed to come along on yet another food truck adventure. We last visited Lockheed in north San Jose some time ago when we sampled MoBowl. Since then the entrance to the facility has been reconfigured without a guard shack, so you no longer have to show ID to get in! This was a huge relief to me, as I am frequently unsure about who I am.

So we got to Lockheed, found a spot to park in the shade, and found the truck sitting in front of the buildings, ready to go. I ordered the eponymous “Babaloo” sandwich, while Trisha had the “Lucy, Lucy.” We both had the “Mojito” to go with our lunches, assured they did not have any alcohol in them.

Babaloo sandwichThey describe the Babaloo sandwich as having “black bean hummus” – that seemed pretty weird to me. I do eat fish, and I had intended to get a Fred and Ethel (fish sliders), but I was intrigued, so I got the Babaloo. Boy, was I glad I did.

As you can see to the right, the Babaloo comes with a generous helping of magnificently seasoned mashed black beans, mixed in with equally deliciously seasoned grilled vegetables, all served on a light, Cubano-style bread. It was spicy, with good flavors of garlic and chile. It did taste a bit like hummus, so the name did not seem inappropriate. The vegetables were grilled in a mix of spices and were delectable.

Lucy Lucy sandwichThe Lucy Lucy sandwich was just as good, according to Trisha, with nice pieces of chicken grilled with the same delicious spice mix.

Each sandwich also included a small container of a red hot sauce, which we found added both heat and flavor to the sandwich. It was so good we could have had more.

Sitting on a warm and sunny day outside the Lockheed building, we washed down our sandwiches with the Babaloo “Mojito” drink. We sat for a while and considered the drink carefully, but we couldn’t quite figure out what all is in it. It is light, not very sweet, quite acidic, and very refreshing. Raspberry and mint are involved, but there are some other flavors, as well.

We both agreed we had a magnificent meal on a beautiful day, and that we were sad to be getting back to work. We’ll be back to Babaloo.

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