More Omininjas…

I have been on business travel and just plain busy for the last few weeks, so I haven’t had nearly enough time to go to food trucks or write about them

However, between trips and other distractions (yes, besides being a storied and renowned food truck blogger, I have a side-hobby of running a small technology company), I have managed to get in a few quick trips to local food trucks.

Happy folks at OmininjasOne evening we had a friend over and Omininjas parked almost right around the corner from us as SJMADE Рof course, we had to go down and see them. There was a nice, happy crowd there, which was great to see. I was very disappointed that they were out of tofu by the time we got there, but Nancy agreed to just give me b̼n with just vegetables. I have to admit, it was actually pretty good, but it was a bit too small to be a meal. My lovely wife got banh mi with a fried egg on it, and our guest got a pork banh mi. They both found them delicious, but both of them wanted some more of the delicious veggies on their sandwiches. When I tried their banh me, I found the balance of tofu to veggies to be just about right, but theirs did seem a bit light that night.Pork banh mi

Overall, not Omininja’s best night, although we did get fed and what we got was pretty tasty.

But I never got the tofu bún I had walked over to get. A couple of weeks later I finally had time for lunch, so I tracked down the Omis in Milpitas.

Y’know, the bún with just veggies was pretty good, but I had forgotten how good the tofu is. Redolent with mushrooms, it comes out warm with a very nice texture. Mixed with the vermicelli and veggies, it is absolutely delicious. However, what puts it over the top is the nÆ°á»›c chấm (sauce – warning: contains fish sauce), which is extraordinary – more acidic and less watered-down than what I am accustomed to, making it much tastier. The combination of flavors is amazing – this is the best veggie bún I have ever had. Indeed, since I have never had other than veggie bún, I would have to say it is the best I have had, period.Omininjas tofu bun

However, as you can see in the picture to the left, I also put some of the Omi’s special “Ninja” sauce in the lower left corner for dipping. It was really good on the banh mi, and I asked Nancy if it was recommended for the bún. She responded, “Ninja sauce is good with everything,” and wow, was she right.

On a warm summer day, sitting on the grass outside in front of a nondescript office building, I can’t imagine a place I would have rather been.


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