… and Mo’ MoBowl…

I was tired and hungry. Looking at the tweet list here on svfoodtrucks,com, I saw that MoBowl was at Lockheed in north San Jose, and the decision was made.MoBowl Truck

The last couple of times I have been up there, I have really grown to like the Lockheed location. There seems to be a convivial throng of food-truck acolytes, and the location is actually really pleasant. The courtyard has some little tables with umbrellas, and there is a good parking lot with trees so I can park my “twuck” (yes, there’s a story why it’s a “twuck”) in the shade. The guardshack and the guard are gone, so you don’t have to dig your ID out of your pocket when you drive in. All this makes it about my favorite place to find a food truck these days.

I realized that I had never had the infamous MoBowl Cheesecake Egg Rolls. As I was left a bit hungry last time I had a MoBowl, I decided this was the day to try them, so I got an order (for $2) along with the “Umami Tofu” bowl ($7).

Umami Tofu and Cheesecake EggrollsAs always, the MoBowl guys put out a really nice product really quickly. I had almost forgotten how delicious the Umami Tofu bowl is – good umami flavor from Shiitake mushrooms balanced with sweet and acid tones in the sauce. The tofu is flavorful and the accompanying veggies are delicious. The bit of salad sets the meal off perfectly.

I was feeling very satisfied when I finally dug into the Cheescake Egg Rolls. There were two small egg rolls with a small container of (on this day) strawberry/black pepper “coullee.” The egg rolls themselves were nicely cooked with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on the outeside, and there was just enough cream cheese inside them to give a little “cheesecake” flavor. Sauceless, they would have been a bit dry and bland.  The “coullee” was not really a coulis; it was a thin but flavorful mixture of mashed strawberries and ground black pepper. It was a small portion, but very tasty and really perked up the egg rolls – together they felt like a real dessert. I would have liked a bit more sauce, but I always like a bit more sauce. 🙂

My final assessment is that I can take or leave the Cheesecake Egg Rolls, but I’ll be back for another Umami Tofu bowl soon.

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