Another Byte of Tikka Bytes

Another Friday, another food truck. Last Friday the ever-patient and indulgent Trisha and I had our weekly meeting at Tikka Bytes, parked in the Bank of America parking lot on north 1st Street in San Jose. This was an easy choice because, (1) I was in the mood for good Indian food, and (2) I needed to go to the bank anyway.

Tikka Bytes Rice BowlAs it is our general rule to not have the same thing twice, this time I ordered the Samosa Cholle ($5) and Trisha ordered the Tofu Rice Bowl with Shahi Korma sauce ($6). The rice bowl, shown at left, is a generous portion of rice with veggies and tofu, topped with any of their three delicious sauces (choose how piquant you want it). It was topped with a swirl of raitha – unfortunately, the raitha had run a bit by the time we got a picture of it, but it was delicious. The veggies, tofu, and sauce made a wonderful mixture, and the portion was big enough that Trisha couldn’t finish it.

The Samosa Cholle came in a slightly smaller bowl, and it made just about a perfect meal for me. It consisted of a samosa (a pastry filled with potato curry) smothered in cholle (chickpea curry), and topped with cilantro and some diced red sweet onions. I must confess I wolfed this down and looked around to see if I could get away with licking out the bottom of the bowl (I couldn’t, alas).

The Bank of America parking lot (at the corner of North First and Trimble) is actually a remarkably pleasant location for lunch. Surrounded by mature trees, it is a cool, shady oasis on a warm day. Our only misgiving is that the throng of people running in to do their banking at noontime create a bit of a hazard, as they seem to drive a bit less cautiously than a crowded parking lot would warrant.

But it is a great pleasure to sit out on a summer afternoon and eat some really good Indian food with a friend, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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