Nom happens… @NomNomTruckSF vs. @OMiNinjaSJ

As you might recall from my original post about Omininjas, I was looking forward to the NomNomSF Truck coming down to the south bay so we could “compare and contrast.” Well, last weekend it finally happened!

Saturday night was the annual cross-downtown rivalry in basketball: SJSU vs. SCU. at Santa Clara, and they invited several food trucks to come over and feed the crowd. We live clost to SCU, so the Lovely and Talented and I trundled on over there.

The Santa Clara parking folks could not have been nicer – they directed us to a secondary lot where we could park, and we walked over to the trucks. The lines were long, but there it was, the first time (at least I have seen it) in the south bay: The NomNom Truck.

NomNom MenuWe got into line, got to visit with some friends, and then, there we were: at the front of the line. I had been watching their tweets, and they had been talking about some extra items on their menu for the last week. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any mushroom pate, nor did they have limeade, so we got two tofu tacos and a tofu banh mi.

NomNom TruckService was quick and friendly – we had our food in a few minutes and retired to the truck with our prizes.

The tacos were very small, but extremely tasty. The tortillas were normal steamed corn “bite size” tortillas, with delicious tofu and crunchy cabbage. They were topped with a spicy sauce which we both found to be “just perfect” – adding to the flavor without being too hot. They disappeared in a hurry.NomNom Tacos

We split the banh mi between us. The roll was delicious – soft with a crunchy crust. It had in it the same magnificent tofu – served soft and extremely well-marinated, juicy all the way through and filled with flavor.  It was served with the normal banh mi accoutrements: pickled carrots and radishes, mayonnaise sauce, and sliced peppers. The L&T requested the peppers on the side; she ate her sandwich without them, while I added some to my half. Both of us loved it.NomNom Sandwich

So the question has to be asked: Omininjas or NomNom?

Well, it’s a tough choice, no question. The NomNom food is awesome, delicious, and worth the wait. But, for my money, I’ll be an Omininjas more often than NomNom for three important reasons:

  1. We like to “buy local” – NomNom has staked their claim to San Francisco, while Omininjas are dedicated to the south bay,
  2. Omininjas has more interesting vegetarian options (most of the time), and
  3. Omininjas is more likely to be here when I’m hungry! 😉

But we’ll make NomNom welcome when they’re in town! 😉


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