Word on the StreEatz, PHHS

The Lovely and Talented, her friend, and I went to the Word on the StreEatz food fest at Piedmont Hills High in East San Jose. There were about 15 trucks there, several of whom I had not seen before, along with music and a general party atmosphere. We had a blast.

We cruised the area, eyeing the trucks carefully. The first stop was EatOnMonday, a truck I had not previously seen. Here you can see the women taking a good look at the menu, having that discussion: “Squid tacos? REALLY?”

Well, the answer was, “YES!” Calamari tacos – one “plain,” one adorned with Sriracha sauce, and a Mushroom taco for “balance.”

The tacos were beautiful – the calamari tacos were served on red corn tortillas, while the mushroom taco was served on a blue corn tortilla. The squid was cooked perfectly – flash-fried in a light batter that turned crispy with almost no oiliness at all. With or without Sriracha sauce, they were full of flavor and texture, with hot calamari, cool greens, and delicious sauce with just a little bite.

The mushroom taco, however, was the real surprise. The taco contained a wonderful array of mushrooms sauteed in a delicious mix of spices, with some garlic and a little onion. I love mushrooms – I mean LOVE mushrooms – and this was literally ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EATEN in a long time.

If you are near the EatOnMonday truck, run, don’t walk.

Our next stop was at one of my perennial favorites, MoBowl. They had two specials: a ginger shrimp bowl and a curry chicken bowl; we got one of each. Both were magnificent.

The shrimp bowl was just grilled shrimp on top of a bowl of their wonderful rice with some veggies. It wanted some sort of sauce with it, but the shrimp were out-of-this-world delicious. They were cooked perfectly, with a sweet-and-spicy glaze that was packed with flavor. The curry chicken bowl was spicy and saucy, what I think of as a “Japanese-style” curry. Everyone enjoyed both bowls.

Curry Up NowI was still a bit peckish, so I stopped off at Curry Up Now for a Paneer Kathi Roll. This was my first time at this fine truck, which has been around for a long time and is now starting a “bricks and mortar” restaurant.

The Kathi roll was exactly what I wanted – a delicious few bites. Tasty, firm paneer was sauteed in a nice curry sauce and wrapped up in a warm, chewy roti. It went fast, and it was a perfect end to a great night.

It should be noted that this night occurred primarily due to the efforts of one of the outstanding teachers at Piedmont Hills – Jason Dries. Mr. Dries – you da man!Jason

There were a lot of trucks there I have not yet tried and didn’t get to try that night – we didn’t even have room for ice cream! So Arabian Bites, Mayo and Mustard, Yumsilog, Scoops, Twisted Chill, and all the rest – we’ll be back!



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