A chance meetup at @hosonwheels

House of Siam on WheelsOnce again Jon and I took to the road today for our usual Wednesday ride. I saw that House of Siam on Wheels was at Lockheed (at Montague and Zanker) today, so we agreed to make that our destination.

We got there a little after noon and ordered our lunches – Jon ordered the Thai Style Basil Chicken, and I ordered a Tofu Thai Taco and the Vegi Pad Thai.Thai Basil Chicken

The service was pretty slow – one guy in front of us was waiting for his soup for so long he finally just left. I was amazed- I would have taken one of the tires from the truck if I didn’t get my food on time, but he just walked away.

Tofu TacoJon got his chicken, then I got my taco a few minutes late, so at least we could start eating together. The taco was great, with spicy tofu a sweet-and-hot sauce on it.  Jon said that the Basil Chicken was absolutely delicious – it certainly looked and smelled it.

I finally got my pad thai and was eating it, when a moment for which I have been waiting finally happened: my reflection in the mirror stepped up to me and said, “Hi, Bill! I’m Bill!”

So I think we might have to dispel the rumors now: Bill Moore, the Food Truck Nerd, and I are actually different people. Mainly, he’s younger and better-looking than I am, but it was very funny that we were both there AND both sporting facial hair at the moment.

But it didn’t stop there – he was laughing when we shook hands, and he said, “Do you know who this guy over here is?” Kyle, the boyfriend of Laura, the VeggieTruckin’ blogger, was standing just a few feet away.

Honey BBQ ChickenSo we stood around in the slightly blustery weather of a late November afternoon in Silicon Valley and talked about the business of food trucks, blogging, and how cool it is to get to go out and eat at these amazing restaurants-on-wheels. Bill, by the way, got the Honey Barbeque Chicken, which looked and smelled really good – Jon said that’s what he’d be getting next time he came.

Pad ThaiI was so happy to finally meet these two I almost forgot about the Pad Thai… but not quite. It was delicious, – not too sweet, with the same spicy tofu strips in it (and a chunk of chicken – not really a welcome surprise), some nice veggies, and lots of chewy noodles. I drizzled some of the thai hot sauce over the top. I wish that they had served it with a little lemon or lime for acid, but the noodles were perfect and delicious.

Jon did voice his concern that two-thirds of the veggie-trucking blogging braintrust of Silicon Valley were in one place at one time – issues of significant regional security must be considered. However, I had to remind him that two-thirds of my regular readership was also present there; he kind of looked down, shuffled his feet around a little bit, so I corrected it to “half of my regular readership.”

Well, at least my Mom wasn’t there.


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