@omininjasj and @treatbot

Treatbot and OmininjasLast week Trisha and I went out to lunch up near Cisco, where Omininjas and Treatbot were serving. It was actually a beautiful day, with warm enough sunshine that we found ourselves retreating to the shade.

Omininjas Banh Mi - tofu left, steak rightIt was a perfect day for Omininjas – although I was disappointed that they didn’t have any bún, we were both excited to get banh mi. I got tofu, of course, while Trisha got steak.

We ate our sandwiches on a small wall in the shade; the tofu was just as good as it always is, and Trisha said the steak was also great. She’s a relative newbie to Viet Namese food, but she found plenty to like there with the Ninjas.

When we were done, we were both quite full, but, after all, TreatBot was right there, and we really couldn’t say “no” to an ice cream sandwich. The nice folks at TreatBot were good enough to “split” an ice cream sandwich for us, so we each got a cookie and a generous scoop of ice cream. It was an absolutely perfect end to a terrific lunch on a beautiful fall day.

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