An apology to @TheWOWTruck, @Grillstars, @RoadDogsSJ, @Yumsilog, and others…

I want to issue an official and truly contrite apology to a number of good, worthy food trucks in the Silicon Valley that I neglect because they don’t serve any veggie dishes. The WOW Truck is the foremost of these – I have walked past them too many times without ever stepping up and ordering their wonderful wares simply because a Silog comprises meat, rice, and egg, and I only eat one of those ingredients.

But I was moved to apology when I walked by GrillStars the other day and then, again, this morning when I saw yesterday’s (2/3/12) question of the day – Q: What is on our vegetarian sandwich? A: third lb beef patty, brisket, pulled pork, bacon, fried egg, BBQ sauce, fiesta sauce, French fries.

Hey, I love these guys even if I don’t eat at their truck! We’re sharing a sense of humor, if not a culinary sensibility!

My friends Trisha and Jon help out, and I’m going to be looking for more carnivorous friends to help me get these trucks added to these august electronic pages.

In the meantime, all I have is apologies… sorry, guys!

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