@biggshrimpn – spicy and good

BiggShrimpn TruckIt was a big week for food trucks – Trisha and I went for our usual Friday lunchtime “company meeting” (hey, there’s 2 of us – we can meet wherever we want!) at Bigg Shrimpn, parked in the Century 21 parking lot across Winchester Blvd. from Santana Row.

The staff was friendly and there was no crowd, so we examined the menu carefully – it all looked really good. We ended up getting a Shrimp Banh Mi and an order of “Crawdaddy Shrimp.”

Our food was cooked to order, so it took a few minutes. Once we had it, we went off and sat on a traffic barrier under a tree to split the two dishes up and eat.

BiggShrimpn Banh MiThe Banh Mi was what I would call a cross-cultural special: it was a marriage of a traditional Louisiana Po’ Boy and a traditional Banh mi: served on a nice roll, it contained grilled shrimp, some cabbage, Vietnamese style pickled carrots and radish, and a nice Louisiana-style remoulade. We had split the sandwich, which was good because it was a generous portion.

It was doubly good because the “Crawdaddy Shrimp” were just as delicious. This is a nice portion (10 or so) of plump shrimp served fried in the shell (head on) with an amazing spice rub on the outside. I started out peeling them, which turned out to be a mistake, because the shell was fried to the perfect consistency for just chomping them right down. The spices were delicious, although a bit hot (we had asked for “5 out of 10” in spiciness). The plate is pictured served with a sauce, but ours had none and needed none – we just sat there and devoured the shrimp and laughed at each other because the spice made our noses run and our eyes tear up.

I apologize that the pictures of the Crawdaddy Shrimp didn’t come out so I don’t have one to share here – they are beautiful, and I’ll have to go back and get some so I can get a good picture (ah, the sacrifices I make!).

While we were hanging out eating, Viet (sp?) came out from the truck and talked with us. He is a genuine San Jose guy who is getting to realize his dream of running a restaurant by having a food truck. Of course I have to applaud that – I love the fact that food trucks let a young guy with talent and ideas start a culinary business with much less capital than would be needed for a restaurant.

We are definitely fans and I’ll certainly be back!

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