Drowning my sorrows: @we_sushi and, yes, @TheWOWTruck

I went to see my doctor the other day in Sunnyvale. Since I was in Sunnyvale and I wasn’t really happy about the news he had for me, I decided to indulge in exploring a new food truck or two.

We Sushi TruckChecking Twitter, I found We Sushi just down the street a ways, so I drove down there. This is a beautiful truck with a sushi bar on board; Laura (@veggietruckin) had said good things about them, so I thought I’d give them a go.

We Sushi MenuThey have a fascinating regular menu, but I was immediately attracted to the specials. We Sushi SpecialsThey had two interesting items available as sashimi or nigiri: hotate (scallop) and walli (which they identified as butterfish, which I have heard referred to as ebodai). I decided to get one order of each along with their special dessert of the day, a French Macaron.

The sushi came, and it was beautiful: two pieces of each kind of Nigiri, with a little pickled ginger and a knob of wasabi.

Ever since my last trip to Japan, I have tended not to use much wasabi when I am trying to detect all the delicate flavors of sushi. Still, I love the stuff.

I was, I’m sorry to report, a bit disappointed. Sushi (despite popular belief) is about the rice, not the fish. Their sushi, although delicious, was a very small helping huddled under the sashimi. I would have liked about twice as much.

Further, although the hotate was perfect, the Walli was not. Mine had a small membrane, making the delicate fish difficult to bite off. It was delicious, just not what I had expected from “butterfish.” I have been to Japan several times, and I eat sushi around the Bay Area fairly frequently. This was good, but not among the best I have had.

We Sushi MacaronAh, but dessert was amazing – a tiny but perfect macaron – light, fluffy meringue filled with a rich, slightly chewy center. Only about an inch across, it was gone in two small bites, but it was delightful.

I’ll be back to We Sushi and try more items on their menu – I certainly won’t let two little pieces of nigiri dissuade me!

The WOW TruckWhen I was first deciding where to go, however, I noticed that The WOW Truck was down the street a bit. I apologized earlier for never going to The WOW Truck, and my friend Bill chastised me for never even trying their Turon – banana fried in a crispy shell. So I flew down the road, parked behind the truck, paid my dollar, and got my Turon. And it was great – I was enjoying mine so much the guy standing next to me decided to order one, too. WOW Truck – here’s a new tagline for you: “They’re so good, they’re contagious.”The WOW Truck Turon

There is a funny part to this story – as I was driving away, I was thinking about my previous post about The WOW Truck in which I complained that I only ate one of the three main ingredients of a Silog. I realized that I probably could have asked them to just make me a nice helping of Sinangog (Garlic Rice, the “Si” in Silog), which I would have really enjoyed in my “rice-deprived” state after We Sushi.

Oh, well… next time!


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