@SmallTimeCooks7 and @grillazgonewild in one lunch – yum! (burp!)

I haven’t been around much lately, so I was glad to see I had a lunchtime free a week or so ago. On a blustery day, I went up to the former car lot on Barber lane (behind Cisco, down the street from the Milpitas Square shopping center) to see an interesting (relatively) new food truck, Small Time Cooks. They had sent me a tweet when they first started, and I just haven’t had time to come try them.

Food trucks on Barber Ln.So, when I got there, I was delighted to see not one but three trucks: Small Time Cooks in the middle, flanked by Grillazgonewild and Grillstars!

Small Time CooksI started out (loyally) at Small Time Cooks – the one thing you can say at first glance is that they’re not wasting any money on fancy decorations. Plain white truck, menu out front, just that simple: all about the food. The other two trucks are rolling billboards with beautiful wraps, but STC is just a plain, white truck (I suspect that will change…)

Their menu is equally simple and easy to understand (sorry for cutting off the top corner):STC menu

I had developed a plan when I arrived to try for a “two-fer,” so I wanted to just sample their wares. I ordered two tacos: one Mushroom Tofu and one Paneer Tikka. They took my order and made them fresh, and it only took a few minutes.

When the tacos arrived, they were certainly pretty. STC tacosPerfect small bites on a tiny corn tortilla, each with several sauces, served with a slice of lime. The mushroom taco was tasty, but it was my least favorite. Even though I love mushrooms, there wasn’t as much flavor in the mushrooms and the tofu as I’d like. Further, the two sauces on the mushroom taco didn’t add that much and actually clashed a bit with the mushrooms and each other. Of course, please understand that I didn’t exactly leave it sitting around… it was gone in a matter of seconds!

The paneer taco came with two sauces, a pico de gallo and a mint chutney, but it worked a lot better. It was quite delicious and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I’ll be back to the STC truck for a burrito next time!

Grillazgonewild truckSince I was there, I took a look at GrillStars and Grillazgonewild, as well. GrillStars specializes in grilled meat, which is great, but (as will be discussed on a future post) not what I’m looking for.

Grillazgonewild specializes in Cheesesteak sandwiches, and they had one called “Vegetarian” on the menu.

I was in such a generous mood after my tacos from STC that I spared them my usual joke (“I want the vegetarian, but I want a lean piece, sliced real thin, ‘cuz they can get stringy”) and ordered the vegetarian sandwich.

grillazgonewild sandwichIt was also made fresh, and took a couple of minutes. It normally comes with mashed avocado, but they forgot mine, so I got them on the side and dumped them on top of the sandwich after I took the picture.

As you can see, it is about as expected: grilled mushrooms, onions, and peppers with gooey melted cheese on a soft, toasted roll. It was served with absolutely wonderful fries and a container of ketchup.

I love a sandwich like this, and I really enjoyed this one. I promised myself that I’d only eat half the sandwich and half the fries, but I finally stopped (unable to eat any more) when there were two bites of sandwich and a couple of fries left. And it wasn’t easy to let those fries go – perfectly crisp, soft in the middle, well-salted – everything you’d hope fo.

Honestly, it wasn’t the best sandwich I have ever had; the veggies could have used more seasoning, and the avocado ended up adding to the overall blandness (next time, I mix in a good dollup of Sriracha). But it was still pretty good.

I’ll come back to Grillazgonewild with some serious cheesesteak people and we’ll get a better read on them.

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