@speedypanini – good food, good company!

My friend Jon and I have a Wednesday bike-riding appointment, but he couldn’t make it the other day. So I decided to go anyway and try to find something to make him jealous.

Speedy Panini TruckI was successful.

I noticed that Speedy Panini was parked up at the Lockheed facility off Montague Expressway. It’s about a 7.5 mile ride from home, which is a good distance to build up an appetite.

Speedy Panini MenuI checked out the review from @veggietruckin and found that she had said good things about the Caprese Panino, but had not tried the vegetarian because she’s allergic to eggplant. Now I had an imperative – for the good of my friend Laura, for the good of the food truck community, and, most importantly, for the good of my own lunch, I had to have the Veggie Panino!

Speedy Panini SandwichNow, I have had a LOT of grilled vegetable sandwiches, and most of them are, frankly, pedestrian. You really can’t go too far wrong by grilling a bunch of veggies (unless you burn them…) and putting them in good bread with some nice condiments. But there are so many more possibilities, and the Speedy Panini Veggie proves that abundantly.

First, the ingredients: fresh Acme bakery Ciabatta (I saw the Acme bags in the truck when I walked up), filled with fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella sliced perfectly thick, and then grilled eggplant, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Most importantly, the veggies were grilled perfectly and seasoned to bring out their flavors. It was all perfectly balanced and utterly delicious.

Speedy Panini CannoliThey had a special dessert – mini-cannoli. Cannoli always make me think of wandering New York and going into little Italian delis, so I ordered one.

It was a perfect little bite, about three inches long, with a sweet, creamy center laced liberally with pistachios. It was delicious, and didn’t live long.

About the time I finished, my friend and doppleganger, Bill Moore (@foodtrucknerd) showed up. It was great to see him again, and he ordered “Grandma’s Lasagne.” Even though it contained boiled eggs, which he disclosed are not his favorite (mine, either!), he said it was pretty darned good, and it looks it. He clicked his iconic photo, and I couldn’t resist sharing his photography secrets with everyone. Sorry, Bill – nothin’ but love! 🙂

All I know is that Jon won’t miss the next ride to Speedy Panini, and I can’t wait!

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