Valentine’s Day dinner @curryupnow

I asked the Lovely and Talented where we should go for our Valentine’s day dinner (with the strong implication that I wasn’t really up for cooking), and was surprised when she said, “Let’s go to a food truck.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, though – neither of us particularly enjoys going to restaurants when they’re crowded and busy, as everyplace tends to be on V.D.Curry Up Now Truck

So we got into her little car and trundled off to Sunnyvale to visit CurryUpNow, parked on El Camino Real in front of a car dealership.

As diligent readers may recall, I visited CurryUpNow briefly at the Word On the StreEatz event in San Jose in November, and I have been dying to get back to them.

Curry Up Now SpecialsI was afraid that we’d meet an amorous mob, kicking and biting and clawing in the name of romance, but we were the only ones there when we arrived. So we stood at the window, arm in arm, considering the menu carefully, and decided to grossly over-order so we could try more of the menu than we normally would.  There was a chalkboard of specials that night, and I wanted to get at least one of them. I was tempted by the Naughty Naan, but it felt wrong, there in front of my spouse, so I decided to embrace my inner Popeye and order the “Punjabi by Nature” with Saag (spinach) and Paneer Tikka Masala. The L&T ordered the regular Paneer Tikka Masala burrito, and we got an additional order of Sexy Fries because, well, they sounded sexy.

Curry Up Now Sexy FriesThe burritos came right up, but we had to wait a few extra minutes for the Sexy Fries to pull on their garter belts and straighten their bustier. But it was worth it: they were sexy, with sweet potato fries smothered in Paneer Tikka Masala (everything is available with either Paneer or Chicken Tikka Masala) and covered with melted cheese and sweet onion slivers. We dove in to it with gusto, but the L&T found the Tikka Masala just a bit spicier than she liked. We were able to find an accommodation, however, as she ate the onion slivers on top (her favorite part), then I ate most of the Tikka Masala, and she ate the fries.

Curry Up Now Paneer Tikka Masala burritoThe burrito, of course, was also a bit too spicy for her, although perfect for me: just enough spice to make the nose a bit runny, but not enough to deaden the flavor receptors. She needed a liberal dollop of Raita (yogurt-based dipping sauce from the vat in the ice next to the drinks) to bring down the heat of both the burrito and the fries, and then it was just about perfect for her.

Curry Up Now Punjabi by NatureMy burrito was also just as spicy, and a bit messier because of the addition of the Saag, but it was absolutely perfect for me. The flavor profile was just a bit different from the “regular” burrito, although just as spicy. I was able to down about 2/3 of the burrito and about 1/3 of the fries before I had to quit simply because I couldn’t fit any more in.

We packed our leftovers, happy and well-satisfied with our Valentine’s day choice, and buzzed home back down El Camino Real to feed each other chocolates on the sofa. A wonderful and romantic Valentine’s day, with our thanks to the Curry Up Now truck.

One last thing: when we got our order, they gave us a gift card as a “Valentine’s day special” good for $2 to $8 off our next meal. As if there was a chance I wouldn’t be back… 😉

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