OK, maybe you have noticed a bit of a gap…

Just a short post to let all of you know that:

  1. I am alive, and
  2. I am still eating at food trucks very occasionally, when I get a chance, and have a backlog of reviews to publish.

Unfortunately, the crush of work, a significant injury, and some minor illnesses have conspired to take all of my available time and then some for the last few months. However, I am back upright, I am able to get out of the house occasionally (even by bicycle, even though Jon and I have not restarted our Wednesday rides) and I have the highest hopes of continuing this blog in a more concerted manner.

I’m looking for suggestions of new trucks to try – I went out to get a Tikka Byte the other day and saw Porky’s SJ across the street. Please let me know what I should be trying out there – leave me a comment!


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