Portland – clean up – @DCVegetarian, @theheartcart

On our last day in Portland, we did manage to get in some “last-minute” food cart meals. Brett had strongly recommended we try DC Vegetarian, so we made the trek back to the 3rd Street pod.

However, on my way there (I took a circuitous route so I could walk on the river), I stopped by The Heart Cart for a free sample. I was fascinated by both the cart (a completely and beautifully refurbished 1950s-era military trailer) and Leah, who is simply so interesting in her appearance that I couldn’t walk past. She generously gave me a sample of her Cajun Bourbon Jambalaya, which I wolfed down gratefully. It wasn’t good enough to deter me from my goal of getting DC Veg, but, if I had another day, I would have set aside a meal for the Heart Cart.

DC VegetarianBut I faithfully found my way to DC Vegetarian, and ordered a vegetarian “Bacon” Lettuce and Tomato sandwich (the Lovely and Talented LOVES BLTs), along with their “Seitanic” Chili.

The BLT is available with vegetarian “Bacon” (with egg) or vegan “Bacon” (tempeh) – I chose the vegetarian. It was a bit odd – it tasted enough like a “real” BLT that I almost felt wrong eating it.

Seitanic ChiliThe Seitanic chili was everything you could hope for in a veggie chili – it tasted great, was full of different tastes and textures, and it was very filling. We split both dishes and I ended up finishing off the chili (perhaps because I am a child of seitan).

Unfortunately, neither of the pictures of the BLT came out well enough to publish (I know, you’re thinking, “geez, given the low standards, how bad could they be?”), but it was as lovely as it was delicious.

We’re eager to get back to Portland and enjoy more food carts some time. But, for now, it’s back to the Silicon Valley and our own beloved Food Trucks, more of which are opening every week!

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