Quick take: @eatchutneymarys

On a visit to the Santa Clara Farmer’s Market (where I go every Saturday for 4 Seasons Rolls) I found a new (to me) truck on the street called “Chutney Mary’s”Chutney Mary's

It wasn’t mealtime, and I wasn’t particularly hungry, but it’s a pretty striking truck and I couldn’t resist going over and giving it a try.

I was warmly greeted and ordered something “small and vegetarian.” She smiled and said, “I’ll have it in just a moment.”

What I received was a mini-burrito, filled with redolent spices and sauce and wrapped in a couple of delicious pieced of flatbread. I never did quite understand what it was, so I can’t tell you what to order, but it sure was good.

I’m going to have to run down Chutney Mary’s for a more complete review some time soon.

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