Quick Take – Whisk on Wheels again

On a rainy day, I made my way to the Whisk on Wheels truck up at Lockheed to meet up with some folks.

Whisk on Wheels PenneI got the Penne (ordered without the chicken, delivered with the chicken…) and had a wonderful meal in the rain in excellent company.

The pasta, as you can see, was served with pesto and tomatoes and LOTS of olive oil. Now, I really like oily pasta, so it was just fine with me, but, if you don’t like it a little oily, you might ask them to tone it down a bit.

While we were there (perhaps because I was in such august and influential company) the guys on the truck slid us out a nice order of their new seasoned fries. These were perfectly-fried shoestrings with salt, garlic, and a little lemon on them. We ate a bunch of them, passed them around to the other die-hards out eating in the rain, and everyone enjoyed them thoroughly.Whisk on Wheels seasoned fries

Who was I with? These guys: Kyle, Dan, and Bill (the other Bill). If you don’t know these guys, well, in the words of Hamlet, get thee to a Truckery!Kyle, Dan, Bill

(That’s not what Hamlet told Ophelia? What, she wasn’t hungry?)

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