Twisted Piedmont Hills High School Food Trucks

Yet another cold, rainy day, yet another food truck.Piedmont Hills

This was an event to raise money for Piedmont Hills High School, so we went over to see what we could find.

Of particular interest to me was a truck I had not tried before, the Twister Truck. At the time, they were relatively new and I wanted to see their “twisted” take on Mexican food. Twister Truck

We got an order of fish tacos and a vegetarian torta. The vegetarian torta was not on the menu, but the chef was willing to give it her best, and the result was terrific.

The tacos were also very good, with a delicious and generous salsa on them.

Twister Truck TacosTwister Truck Torta








Dinner accomplished, we went looking for dessert. In a remarkable twist of fate, the Twisted Chill truck was nearby. Rather than get one of their enormous ice cream sandwiches, we got a snickerdoodle cookie and a “small” helping of coffee-almond-fudge ice cream, and both were absolutely great.Twisted Chill Snickerdoodle Cookie How great? Well, as mentioned, it was a cold, wet night and ice cream seemed like a great idea, even in retrospect. This is a truck I have to get back to some time soon.Twisted Chill Ice CreamTwisted Chill Truck

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