2 times for @ricerockit

RiceRockit TruckI have visited the RiceRockit truck twice now; once a few months back at an event in San Jose, then again just a couple of days ago in Sunnyvale.

The first time I had my friend Trisha along. They had a vegetarian special “RiceRockit burrito,” and she had the Chicken Adobo Fries.

Rice Rockit BurritoI actually enjoyed the rice burrito – it was pretty simple and kind of plain, but the rice was good (as you’d hope) and it came with a good sauce and some veggies.

Trisha’s fries were certainly good: heaped with flaked chicken and “adobo” sauce (it wasn’t really, but it was tasty). She enjoyed them, even though she thought it should have been spicier. All in all, both dishes were pretty good, but not enough to cause us to run back.Rice Rockit Chicken Adobo Fries

The other day I found myself in Sunnyvale after a doctor visit, and Rice Rockit was nearby. I thought it was a nice opportunity to re-acquaint myself with this truck.

I was encouraged to see that they had a Vegetable and Tofu rice plate on the menu, so I ordered it. It came up very quickly, and I took it back to my car to eat.

RiceRockit Veg & Tofu rice plateUnfortunately, it was, sad to say, incredibly bland. Nice-looking, and the rice was excellent with a tiny dribble of something like teriyaki sauce, but no seasoning on the vegetables or tofu at all. On top of that, it was actually pretty badly overcooked – it had been sitting for a while.

The happy part of the lunch was that they keep a bottle of Sriracha sauce out for customers. I came back to the truck, drowned the bowl in sriracha, and it was a whole lot better.

So, I’d say, if you’re a carnivore, Rice Rockit might be worth a try. For a veg, however, I’d recommend going somewhere else.

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