A quick bite @kaatifresh

On a pretty day, my friend Jon and I found ourselves biking past eBay at lunchtiKaati Fresh Truckme (amazing coincidence), so I decided to partake from a new (to me) truck called “KaatiFresh.” I have actually come back to this truck a few more times on subsequent rides that just happen to go near eBay at lunchtime.

KaatiFresh, good to its name, offers freshly-prepared, delicious Indian food. On my first visit, I tried the Aloo Methi Kaati roll – a burrito of sorts, filled with fresh veggies and a delicious potato curry. It is also served with some additional salad and two different chutneys.KaatiFresh Roll

Since that first visit, I have tried some of their other vegetarian rolls and found them to be just as tasty. Obviously, I am hooked on this truck and will return again.kaatifresh_roll_inside


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