Food Trucks in Reno- who knew? facebook:burgermeful

I had the occasion to 2013-08-20 11.57.06be in Reno today. Took a walk with a friend of mine, and we happened upon the Burger Me truck, outside the Hub coffee shop by the river. Since it was lunchtime and it looked good, we gave it a try.

F2013-08-20 11.56.57irst, I was delighted to find they didn’t just have burgers – I had the “salmon burger” with a beautiful and perfectly cooked filet of salmon, served with mixed greens, goat cheese, dill, and super-thin slices of lemon. My friend Marjorie had the Ahi burger with an equally perfect filet of ahi served with delicious wasabi sauce and cabbage. It was so good she offered me a bite and then thought better of it – but here’s a picture, and from the way the conversation came to a halt, it was really that good!2013-08-20 11.56.48

Look, Reno’s not a place I’d visit if I had a choice, but, if you have to go, this truck may be the only place I can recommend. We had a perfectly lovely lunch, sitting in the late summer sunshine next to the Truckee River.

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