My name is Bill, and I’m a big fan of “alternative cuisine” – anything that’s really, really good but comes from an unusual source. And I particularly love food trucks and trailers.

Food trucks are the hottest trend in dining today, but I feel Silicon Valley has not been represented well in this phenomenon – if you look on the web or watch “Food Truck Wars,” it seems like there are no food trucks here at all and that all the action is in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

There have been food trucks, good ones, in San Jose for years. From the burrito truck that is more-or-less permanently encamped at my local Mexican food store to NetApetit, which used to set up outside building 5 at Cisco when I worked there. With your help, I want to find all the food trucks and trailers in the valley (and maybe a little beyond) and catalog them all in one place – right here!

But I need your help. For one thing, I’m employed more than full-time – I don’t have time to get to all the food trucks out there on a timely basis. However, a more pressing problem is that I’m mostly vegetarian – I eat some fish once in a while, but I don’t eat chicken, beef, or pork. So I’m depending on you to let us know what’s good out there that isn’t made of tofu or mushrooms!

So the deal is simple: give a little, by making comments, suggesting places to try, or sending complete articles about local food trucks, to get a little: all the local food truck information in one easy-to-find place.