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Shout out to Veggie Truckin’ and FoodTruckNerd!

Just wanted to point out that Veggie Truckin’ has some new posts up, including a bunch of local trucks I haven’t tried yet. Twister Truck, a new “twist” on Mexican cuisine, Sanguchon, Peruvian street food, Project Cupcake, and more. Laura … Continue reading

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Alan Harding – Food Truck Hero

I was catching up on some TV this week, when I happened across the Food Network’s popular “Chopped” series – this time, the “Chopped Champions” tournament. For those who are not fans, Chopped is a contest in which four chefs … Continue reading

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Third blog and Oaxacan Kitchen reprise

First, thanks to Matt for pointing out another excellent South Bay food truck blog – the Food Truck category on the San Jose Metblogs. Good articles, good picture of Bill Moore (foodtrucknerd) with a bunch of food in his hands. … Continue reading

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Two new food truck blogs!

I have recently been introduced to two new south bay food truck blogs: Food Truck Nerd – Bill Moore’s terrific blog about his adventures. Another “Bill” with a food truck blog – awesome! Looking at the pictures, I think we’ve … Continue reading

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Food Truck Winner!

Watching some TV the other night (on the DVR). “Chopped” is a guilty pleasure – always fun to see what those guys will do. So imagine my surprise and delight when one of the contestants was introduced as a food … Continue reading

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